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Impact Axe is Re-Opening on Friday, June 12, 2020!

Impact Axe is Re-Opening on Friday, June 12, 2020!

Re-opening on June 12th!

To Our Community and Impact Axe Family,

We are BEYOND excited to announce that Impact Axe will reopen its doors on Friday, June 12th, and we are now booking reservations! It has been a long time since we've seen our community and we are all so excited to share that we can safely open our doors and get back to throwing axes, drinking craft beers, and eating delicious Randy Peters Catering grab-and-go food!

We created Impact Axe to serve and love our community in a fun and unique way, and because you are our top priority, we will always do what is necessary to ensure your health and safety. We know that some of you are probably very excited to come back, but we also understand that some people are nervous about coming back. To give a little peace of mind, we've put together a note for you to read below. Please know that we can answer any questions you may have on the phone if that would ease your mind.

When the dream of Impact Axe started coming together, we decided that this business would first and foremost be a way for us to love on our community; axe throwing just happened to be the setting to do so. With this in mind, we are taking every precaution to protect everyone as we start to transition back to normal amid COVID-19. We have created a company safety plan, and we wanted to take a moment to address any concerns you may have about returning.

Having a clean and safe business has always been a top priority at Impact Axe since day one. We have always had a rigorous cleaning routine, and we have since added more to our efforts.

You will see all of our employees wearing face masks or face shields. We highly recommend that you and your groups wear them when you come in, but they are not required. Additionally, we have Impact Axe face masks available for purchase at the merchandise counter in case you forgot yours and want to wear one.

Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the building for your convenience, as well as the health and safety of everyone at Impact Axe.

To adhere to the 6-foot social distancing, we have temporarily changed how we will be checking guests in and out of Impact Axe. We have a designated door for entering the building and one for exiting. The far left door when looking directly at Impact Axe will be the new entrance. Guests will find markers on the ground, indicating the check-in path and where to stand in the event of a line.

Since germs can be easily transmitted, we have placed safety shields at the check-in and merchandise counters to limit unsafe interactions. Each person working the counter sanitizes their hands between each transaction to minimize cross-contamination and be washing their hands frequently throughout the day.

You will not be sharing a table with another group when you come into Impact Axe. Each bay (two lanes) shares a table. We will be operating at an every other lane capacity for social distancing. If you come in a group of more than 5 people, your group will be able to use the entire bay.

We ask that you make reservations ahead of time so that we're able to keep large groups from forming in our waiting areas. We will also be asking you to wait in your cars and not check in until your entire group arrives for the same reason.

Each lane, which includes the tables, chairs, axes, chalkboards, targets, and mats, are sanitized between each group. Every new group will get a brand new piece of chalk as well.

Impact Axe is committed to providing the same AXEceptional experience we did before the Coronavirus. We are so happy to be able to open our doors again and serve the community we love. As always, we'll supply the axes, brews, and food, and you bring the fun!


The Impact Axe Team