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Accessibility Statement

Impact Axe is a welcoming space for everyone to enjoy. As such, our facility is wheelchair accessible, and the building, naturally, meets ADA standards. But since so many people find us online, we want to ensure our website is usable by the widest possible audience, regardless of device, browser, network speed, or ability.

We're striving to meet the level AA standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
Beyond being technically accessible, we also want the site to be easy to use for anyone relying on assistive technology. Here, we'll outline the current state of this site's accessibility features.

What we've done

Pages are structured with semantic elements like header, footer, and main, to help you move around more quickly. Level 1 headings are used to denote the page's title, and the structure should follow a logical heading order from there. Each page has a "skip link" at the top.

Images have alt text to describe them. Text is set in relative units so the page can zoom in without issues. The website's colors were chosen to have sufficient contrast, and there are focus styles for links, forms, and other focusable elements.

We've run audits in Lighthouse & axe, and navigated the site using VoiceOver. We run these audits periodically so we can catch new errors as they arise.

Known Issues

While a lot of thought's gone into the site's accessibility, there's still work to be done. There are some issues we've found and are working on fixing.

This site was also built using Webflow, which is an affordable way for a small business to launch a custom website. However, some parts of the design use prebuilt components that don't use semantic HTML elements. For example, the prebuilt responsive navigation currently mislabels elements with incorrect roles, and needs to be rebuilt from scratch, without relying on the Webflow nav component.

We're working on updating this and will update this document to reflect the changes over time.

We also rely on a 3rd party booking system, which we have very little control over. However, we've pointed out the accessibility problems surrounding their lightbox and booking engine, and hope to work with their team to address them.

If you encounter an issue using this site, please let us know. We take this seriously and will work to correct the problem.